Udaipur, known as the Venice of India, is easily the most beautiful city that we have encountered so far. Whether it’s the reflections of water shimmering off of buildings or the lush green mountains surrounding the city, everything seems a bit more magical here. It is a wonderful place to catch a breeze on a roof top cafe and soak in all the sights the city has to offer.

Near the small bridges that connect two of the city’s largest lakes there is a beautiful downtown area. Narrow streets wind around jutting off at different angles barely wide enough to fit a single car. Tall ornate buildings bathed in white seem to be constantly towering overhead as we walk throughout the city. As we floated around Lake Pichola on a short boat ride, we had a great view of the City Palace. Also, we were able to see how magnificent the city looks from a distance.

City Palace, Udaipur, India, Rajasthan,
City Palace
Udaipur, Lake Pichola, India, Rajasthan
City View from Lake Pichola

Strolling around town on foot is always a good idea, as the city always delivers something interesting. We saw an endless number of cows standing in the middle of roads and parking areas. At one point while walking next to a small bull it head-butted me in the side and almost knocked me over! Small shops line the small crowded streets and many hosts were eager to ask us where we were from. One of the fun parts about walking around was seeing all the uniformed school children staring and waving at us. Walking through the Mundy market was another great experience, it was suggested by one of the small shop owners that we stopped and had chai tea with. The market offered some new sights including some women weaving baskets.

Basket weaving, mundy market, udaipur, india
Basket weaving

The highlight of our time in Udaipur was watching a traditional Rajasthani cultural dance performance at the Bagore-Ki-Haveli Museum. The show displayed a variety of traditional dances by women dressed in beautiful and bright colored dresses. There was also a battle scene between a man and a god, as well as a traditional puppet show. Impressively, this show happens every night!!

Traditional Rajasthani Dance, Udiapur, Bagore-ki-Haveli, India
Traditional Rajasthani Dance
warrior dance, udaipur, bagore-ki-haveli, india
Warrior dance
puppet show, udaipur, bagore-ki-haveli, india
Puppet show








Atop a mountain sits the Monsoon Palace, that overlooks all of Udaipur. A jeep ride was the only way for us to reach the top and shortly after our arrival we were speechless. The panoramic view of the city is beautiful, as you can see the palaces in the middle of the lakes and the city palace as well.

City Palace, Udaipur, India, monsoon palace
View of City Palace
monsoon palace, panoramic, udaipur, india
View from Monsoon Palace
monsoon palace, monkey, udaipur, india
monkey at Monsoon palace








monsoon palace, sunset, udaipur, india
Setting Sun
monsoon palace, sunset, udaipur, india
Monsoon Palace on far right



We fell in love with Udaipur and highly suggest staying for as many nights as possible!!

monsoon palace, bridge, night, udaipur, india
Foot bridge at night




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What a breathtaking scene!!! You’re missed in the States, and India is lucky to have you for the time! Thank you for sharing!